Thursday, March 09, 2006

Which will you choose?

By Mila D. Aguilar

In the last days,
The forces of evil will be ranged against the forces of good.

They will win
One battle after another
You will even start to think they have won the war.

If you are
A weak-willed ninny,
They will take you by your guts and gobble you up like hot soup.

If you fight
Because you know what is right,
They will jail you, maim you, try their worst to murder you.

If you are
Without Lord and Savior,
Oh pity, pity, no one can come to your aid at the final moment.

What will you do?
Where will you go?
Which will you choose?

Will you
Choose to listen
Or continue, like those whose ears are plugged, to disobey?

March 9, 2006
11:17 PM