Wednesday, April 01, 2009


By Mila D. Aguilar

I have seen you.
Yours is the robe
Glowing white in the sunlight
That I tried to clutch
As you rose to heaven.
But you left me.

In the desert of my soul
You left me
To contend with myself
Till the day
I emerged from the battle
Yearning for you
And then you came
As I sat tired and forlorn
At the edge of my bed.

I could see the skirt
Of your white robe
As your hand touched
My head saying
You're doing fine, it's okay.
I have felt you.

I have heard you.
Not with a voice
But in a breath
Surpassing understanding
As I walked in a dream
Knowing others were
Walking with me.
And you said
In no uncertain terms
That this was how
It was going to be
In the march to Malacanang:
One fine day
We would all arise,
Fully aware,
And start treading
On your instructions.

I have smelled you
In myself, sweet with love
For your creation,
Exuding care and concern
For all of mankind
Without distinction.

I have tasted you
In my thirst. You
Are my living water.
You flowed into my palms
When first I received you
And confessed I
Was nothing without you.

You fill my mouth
My eyes
My ears
My nose
My skin.
I know you. You

Are my God.

April 1, 2009
7:00 - 7:34 am


primitivo mijares said...

I have friends who have died,
But I feel as though they're still alive,

and I have friends who are alive,
But I feel as though they are already dead

Stella said...


It's me, Stella, from English class YEARS AGO! :) Do you still remember me?

mda said...

Stella Leanna. You came and went away again, didn't even see me. ;(

Hey, I like your website. So have you graduated from your design school?

And thanks for calling me your mentor. Who's the little girl in the poem?

Stella said...

Yay you still remember me!!! I wasn't able to see a lot of people when I went back, I lost all my numbers. :( Can you send me your cell phone number to my email, I might be able to visit next year, and this time I'll send you a text message! :)

The little girl in the poem is my little cousin. :) She comes from a family that struggles financially...but she always seems to enjoy the little things. :)

I haven't graduated from design school... I ended up in business! Hahaha!!! And how are you? :) If you like, you can email me at gmail!