Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This poem will not get into my new collection

Towards our Sixties
by Mila D. Aguilar

Towards our sixties,
fire gone from our eyes,
light now within
drawing the moths
of your desires
only to extinguish them.

For your sake.
Some got such wisdom
earlier, by grace,
but we had
the energy to burn,
I guess,

Or perhaps
the demons to expel.
Having been singed
we now know

January 12, 2005
8:15-8:23 am

The poem above is dedicated to Emmallaine Loreto of English 1 TFU, who has started her own blog, Go and see it! She has good English, and thinks deeply too!


em said...


I am utterly speechless! My jaw just dropped when I saw this post!

Thank you so much ma'am; it's an honor! I promise to do my best. Whew! I feel like I just ate a million exclamation points!!! :)


eric strauss said...

your poem is solid.

It's funny how the first few lines deceive. They hint at simple, shallow failure. But they're just playing.

I'm not as old as you, but your words about age resonate anyways.

It's interesting how a work is so distinctly colored by it's author's age.

I'm in my thirties. Here's a poem from me, that maybe illustrates my point, whatever that point may be:

A poem, well put out, that proves itself a lie.

Anything that wins my interest will distract me.
And too many things are anything and win my interest and distract me.
For though I spend all day and night in front of this computer,
doing things that win my interest,

each thing must share this thing that does
with things undone
and things just done
and things still yet to do.

So though each thing is wholly worthy of my love in whole, none has it.
And so, though wholly capable of loving wholly well, I don’t.
And wholly unable to stay put long enough to put out properly,
I put out no thing wholly well enough.

Wholly fuck, but it is irritating.

mr strauss
pop goes lethal

mda said...

You play with words very well, Mr. Strauss.