Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Journey: An Autobiography in Verse (1964-1995), published by the University of the Philippines Press in 1996, is Mila D. Aguilar's sixth book of poetry and a compilation of her previous five. Her seventh book of poetry, due for publication in 2005, is entitled Chronicle of a Life Foretold: 110 Poems (1996-2004). Posted by Hello

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group journal said...

Hello pals! Feeling like the last one to share about your Christmas vacation? Uh-uh-uh! Sorry to disappoint you but Adie’s here to break your records.
Actually, my Christmas vacation was terribly boring. Uhm… No. That’s an understatement. Seventeen straight days of absent-mindedly buzzing around the house and doing nothing but stare at the enormous cobwebs hanging across the century-old-looking ceiling of my creepy bedroom did me no good. But mind you, those cobwebs come in various interesting designs you could choose from!
Whew! I’m glad it’s over (or… should I be?) I managed to survive with my eat-bathe-watch-sleep routine throughout the break and I’m very proud of it. Oh! I was appointed as an official kitchen girl too! I did most of the cooking with my mom.
My grandparents and two of my cousins from Cagayan came over for the holidays. They were with us the whole vacation period and it’s nice to think that they traveled miles and miles just to be with us for this season. It’s a rare happening so our other relatives didn’t allow themselves to be left out and made massive attacks to our kingdom as well. (That’s the reason why I wasn’t able to get online for more than two weeks before I posted this.) We rarely gather-up for function like that so I seemed to run out of rooms to contain the happiness and excitement that lured me as I went on cherishing those moments. It was fun, but still a bit of a pain in the ass. (Too vulgar?) Being my mom’s official assistant in the Department of Dishes and Food Resources, which she governs, I had my share of the “misery” within the four walls of our kitchen. Stuff like endless stirring and mixing, continuous chopping and ceaseless frying and grilling were assigned to me. I guess I ENJOYED IT TOO MUCH that I was automatically granted my Industry and Fidelity Awards – a cut and a burn respectively. That’s great, isn’t it?Oh well, those were just 4 out of my 17 Biology-free days. The other 13 were spent on the E-B-W-S routine I mentioned earlier.
What else can I say? Oh! I joined and triumphantly won a competition. Yes. I was, in fact, the champion. It’s a tournament wherein the one who gets the most greetings for each occasion brings home the bacon. I effortlessly knocked out my opponents – Daddy PotBelly, Mommy Curls, B1 (Brother 1), B2 (Brother 2) and my 101 relatives and friends.
Well, I suppose that would be all. I don’t actually have much to say apart from those rubbish stuff… Happy New Year and may we all have a GLORIOUS year ahead!
(ma'am, can't get through our own prtion! I posted my essay but I can't find it. Now the post-a-comment button also vanished...)