Friday, December 17, 2004

This is Marga Reyes in California. She'll be back in the Philippines January 11! Posted by Hello


OuR_jOuRnaL said...

My Christmas break is okay. I have been spending most of my time with my family. It's a good thing my grandmother decided to spend Christmas with us. She got here with my mom's sister, Auntie Chit, late November. My Auntie decided to spend Christmas back in Davao City, where most of my mom's siblings are as well as my cousins. Auntie will be back most probably within first week of January. My mom, dad, aunt and grandma will be leaving for Australia for my cousin Joanne's wedding on the eighteenth. It's a good thing their other sister, Auntie Fely, sponsored my Auntie Chit and Lola's travel fees.

Yesterday, i went to see my friends here in Bulacan. Eira, whose family owns a restaurant in Malolos, invited us all for lunch. The last time I saw them was at Pia's debut (October 30, 2004). I was so delighted to see them. I had so much fun. Better yet, I have so much fun whenever I'm with them. I missed them so much.

We were supposed to go to Enchanted Kingdom last December 23. We do that annually. But this year it did not push through because most of us will not be able to go, including me. Anyway, there's always next year, right?

So far that's all I have done. I haven't even done most of my school works. Hopefully I'll get it done before the New Year.

Take care you all! God bless.

Happy New Year!

OuR_jOuRnaL said...
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jeffbautista said...

Happy Holidays!!!

jeffbautista said...

Happy Holidays!!!

I thought we will have a sad Christmas because of what happened on the last week of November, our province was hit by Yoyong, a very devastating typhoon happened in our province. Because of this typhoon, electric posts connecting to Aurora were down, the Baler-Bongabon road was closed, many lives and properties were destroyed and even Christmas parties of each schools were cancelled.
Some says that this Chrismas season was sad. But for me it is not because Christmas is not about exchanging of gifts, having new clothes and shoes but Christmas is about love, about giving. I said that this Christmas was not sad for me becausefirst of all, we already have an electric power and we will not celebrate Christmas with candle lights. Second, my two aunts or tita as we call them, arrive home for Christmas from abroad.
Since they arrive they want all their nieces and nephews were in the house of my youngest tita which were recently built.
Me and my cousins helped together to decorate the house of our tita which where we will celebrate our noche buena.
Of course, we started Christmas by attending the mass then we continue it to our tita's house. We held a little program for our younger cousins including games, dancing, singing, and of course giving gifts.
I also attended my cousin's wedding during my Christmas vacation. But the sad thing was it was held on the debut day of my youngest sister. I was happy for my cousin but I am sad because I haven't attended my sister's debut.
Eventhough Yoyong devastated our province, I have another wonderful Christmas vacation just like the past years. I hope that this will happen again not just next year but the succeeding years excluding disasters of course.