Wednesday, March 09, 2005


The previous post was long and I still have a few more papers to post, so allow me to break the text monotony with a picture. Guess where it was taken? U.P. students should know.


Anonymous said...

hi ma'am! this is jonathan gino, your eng10 student.
was this pix taken at the "tree house" cafe at UP-ISSI?

mda said...

Hi, Jonathan! Finally, you have time for the Internet. No, it wasn't the Tree House, Jonathan. I've never been there, by the way. Is it good? Do they serve drinks? They aren't supposed to. I thought they'd been closed down because they served drinks.

Maggie May said...

Hi Mila. This is Maggie Baybay of Radio Veritas.

I have been reading your posts since... uhm, memory failed me, I can't remember when I started but I enjoyed reading your entries very much. :) My creative incapability has been greatly supplemented by the poems, short stories and literary pieces you and the others have writen.

Anyway, was this photo taken in Cafe Verde/ Chateau Verde? (Again, I'm not sure which one is right. I was there only a couple of times, but I enjoyed the food and yes, the wine as well.)

Looking forward to reading more of your writings...

mda said...

Yes, Maggie May, it's Chateau Verde, alright. Cafe Verde was on Kalayaan. I think they've discontinued it; it belonged to the same owner.

The owner of Chateau Verde was my grade school teacher, by the way.

I'm glad you enjoy the posts in this blog. I hope you read on. This sem I may have quite a few interesting research papers from freshmen. I continue praying for their success.

God bless you, Maggie May!