Thursday, March 10, 2005


Vigan is a beautiful place. You can't find these ruins anymore if you went there today; I took the photo years ago, when I was there with some friends. Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

I am the one who post a comment about calachuchi


one thing can u take me there!

cause I don't have any province

and since i don't have any I only gone to metro manila

mda said...

"I am the one who post[ed] a comment about [']Calachuchi['][.]

"[M]a'am, one thing, can you take me there[?] ((cause)) I don't have any province. [A]nd since i don't have any I ((only gone)) [have been only to [M}etro [M]anila[.]"

Oh my goodness, if you're really my student in English 10, you're in for a grade of 5!

So tell me who you are. But even if you don't, I can already guess.